Ever had the perfect set-up, but the sound was not-so-perfect?

The band is set, microphones are placed, and you’re ready to make music. Your vocalists are in place, and even though the stage is small, you feel that the close proximity of the group will give an intimate feel allowing the musicians to mesh into a tight groove.

As sound check starts, however, the volume you imagined is half of what is should be and the mix, instead of being rich and full, is emaciated and thin.

What’s the problem?

Why is this so different from what you have experienced in the past?

You’re so frustrated that you contemplate sneaking out through the side door, dumping your entire set-up at the curb, or vowing to shell out big bucks to replace everything!

Keep your cash and don’t ditch your equipment quite yet.

The culprit could be as simple as too many microphones for the space. You may have violated the “Golden Rule” of microphone placement. The 3:1 ratio is so commonly overlooked that many fall victim to its thin-fingered grasp. 

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